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 White Label SaaS

What are White Label Platforms?

White Label platforms provide enterprises, start ups and new innovative initiatives within established businesses to implement solutions with a faster turn around. Better still if the white label platforms are powered by open source then a long development cycle can be avoided while using the best that open source has to offer.

A white-label platform is one that has already been developed, bug-tested, and proven stable. The underlying platform is developed after years of integration effort. However once developed and pre-integrated it can be used to turn around solutions faster.

Use White Label Platform for enabling your SaaS projects

We offer White label platforms that are integrated software solutions that can be “private labelled” and run as a Software as a service. Verticals such as Advertising, Public Sector and International Development can develop domain specific solutions.

ISVs and Service Providers could benefit extremely through our white label platforms which could be leveraged to quickly launch vertical specific solutions and services for their end customers.

When you adopt a white label platform we help create the themes and skins for the platform with minimal  development effort.

More over, we can implement new revenue models such as discounted  costs and revenue sharing opportunities. We provide a set of support services to manage the platform at a monthly cost. Ultimately this approach helps us take care of the technology and lets you deal with business strategy.

We have specific expertise in:

  • Collaborative Content Management
  • Workflow and Forms based Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Platforms
  • Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Social Networking Portal
  • E-Form based solutions
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